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( r e d ) M i n t @  F R O S T
F R O S T, a Winter Fashion Fair
(December 12th, 2012 – Janurary 2nd, 2013)

( r e d ) M i n t ~ ( F a s h i o n  )

1 0 0 %  N a t u r a l
50% price cut, for an exclusive New Release (UggStyle Boot), available for purchase only @ FROST (December 12th, 2012 – Janurary 2nd, 2013)
Shape & Skin: > Crank by (red)Mint
Hair No.19 by (red)Mint
Jeweled Hands (Silver) by (red)Mint
Lavish Vest  by (red)Mint
LowRise miniSkirt (Mesh) *New(red)Mint
UggStyle Boot (Mesh)  *New & 50% off, available for purchase only @ FROST
(December 12th, 2012 – Janurary 2nd, 2013)
Pose by Purple Poses

( F o o t ) W e a r ~ Shoe “UggStyle Boot” (Mesh)

> x6 Sizes (rigged Mesh)
> x1 resizable Size (non rigged Mesh)
(r)M ~ ( F a s h i o n ) M e s h ~ U g g S t y l e B o o t ( No.01-09 )

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N e w @ ( r e d ) M i n t

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( R E D ) M I N T  ~ ( F O O T W E A R )
1 0 0 %  N a t u r a l
Photo Location: ~ Mysterious Wave  ~
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( F o o t W e a r ) ~ Shoe “Riven Boot” (Mesh)

> rigged Mesh
> x7 Sizes
> x12 LegWarmer Colors (HuD Control)
The boots come in 9 colors, 7 sizes and an alpha layer to fit perfectly to your individual avatar shape. They are rigged mesh, so there is no need to wear a right and left boot anymore, as both boots are combined into one object and will place in the right position no matter where the attachment point is.

( N o t e )
Rigged mesh items can be rezzed and (if modifiable) also stretched by using the inworld building tools – BUT – as soon as you wear them, they snap back to the original size and position!! This is why we offer 7 different sizes to make them fit based on your individual style and body shape.
Also due to the rigging, it does not matter the attachment point – they will always attach in the right position.
(Demo) available instore (Please try demo before purchase)
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N E W @ ( R E D ) M I N T

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( F O O T W E A R ) Shoe Repair “Punk Boot”
x2 Options to wear (w/wo Rope ), alpha Layer included
x2 Colors available (Black and Brown)
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Copy & Mod perms, touch to rescale
Lace/Rope and Legwarmer /w menu driven HUD Control ( x12 colors)

Outfit Details:
Shape: Emo ( R E D ) M I N T
Hair: No.03 ( R E D ) M I N T
Outfit: >>ROOTS<< (Boxers) & ( R E D ) M I N T (Bodysuit)
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