up to -50% Sale @ ( r e d ) M i n t

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( r e d ) M i n t ~ ( F a s h i o n )
1 0 0 %  N a t u r a l
Up to 50% price cut @ (red)Mint for all Fashion items!
(available till November 25th)

Shape > Raw by (red)Mint
Skin Crank (Tan) > No.03*New by (red)Mint
Ears/w Butterfly > No.02 by (red)Mint
Hair No.04 (Male) @ (red)Mint
Studded Collar > No.04*-50% Sale by (red)Mint
Love Me Dress > No.04*-50% Sale by (red)Mint
Leggings/Tights (120 Den)Lhalf  by >>ROOTS<<00L10007
Riven Boot (Mesh) > No.02*-50% Sale  by (red)Mint


Sin to win

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( R E D ) M I N T  ~ ( F A S H I O N )
1 0 0 %  N a t u r a l
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Shape & Skin: > Rot by (red)Mint
Hair No.05 (Mesh) by (red)Mint
Top: Lavish Vest (Mesh) *New @  (red)Mint
Skirt: Baby Doll by (red)Mint

Underwear: Boxers Side Drop No.07 by (red)Mint
Jeweled Hands (Silver) by (red)Mint
Boots: “Riven Boot” (Mesh) *New @ (red)Mint

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L$99 Sale @ >>ROOTS<<

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( R O O T S )  ~ ( F A S H I O N )
1 0 0 %  N a t u r a l
L$99 Sale @ >>ROOTS<< for all marked items.

(available until  Tuesday, December’ 27th)
Avatar Appearance by (red)Mint
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Shape: Sham by (red)MintEars: No.02 by (red)Mint
Skin: No.09 (Frost) by (red)Mint
Hair: No.14 by (red)Mint
Bangles w/ Ring & Nails (Copper) @ (red)Mint

Chocker: >>ROOTS<<00A10036(Bullet Accesory) by >>ROOTS<<
Tights: >>ROOTS<<00O10006>>PANTScapri (L$99SALE) by >>ROOTS<<
Dress: >>ROOTS<<00D10044 (Wrap Racer Dress) (L$99SALE) by >>ROOTS<<
Corset: >>ROOTS<<00O10017>>underbustCORSET/w.GBelts  (L$99SALE) by >>ROOTS<<
Shoes: “Punk Boot” by (red)Mint

Last 24h: Sale @ ROOTS

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( R O O T S )  ~ ( F A S H I O N )
Photo Location: Immersiva
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Shopping starts here!
24h time left, ROOTS’ prices drop up to 50% of all marked items.
Stay tuned,  join the ( R E D ) M I N T: SL Group

Shape: Emo by ( red)Mint
Skin: No.06 (Prime) by ( red)Mint
Hair: No.09 by ( red)Mint
Jeweled Hands (Silver) NEW @ ( red)Mint
Dress: 00D10044 (SALE) by >>ROOTS<<Belly Chain: 00A10038( (SALE) by >>ROOTS<<Jeans: Side Drop No.03 by ( red)Mint
Shoes: “Punk Boot” by ( red)Mint


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( R E D ) M I N T  ~ ( F A S H I O N )
1 0 0 %  N a t u r a l
Location: Nordari
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Hair: Available for purchase only @ Hair Fair Location.
DEMO (click here for a DEMO)
> see (red)Mint @ Hair Fair’11 (click here to TP)
Outfit: ( R E D ) M I N T

N E W @ ( R E D ) M I N T

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( F O O T W E A R ) Shoe Repair “Punk Boot”
x2 Options to wear (w/wo Rope ), alpha Layer included
x2 Colors available (Black and Brown)
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Copy & Mod perms, touch to rescale
Lace/Rope and Legwarmer /w menu driven HUD Control ( x12 colors)

Outfit Details:
Shape: Emo ( R E D ) M I N T
Hair: No.03 ( R E D ) M I N T
Outfit: >>ROOTS<< (Boxers) & ( R E D ) M I N T (Bodysuit)
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