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N E W @ ( R E D ) M I N T  ~ ( H A I R )
1 0 0 %  N a t u r a l
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( H A I R ) No. 06

Messed-up, Role-Play, Mystic Style for the less Humans Beauties.
Sculpted Headband and Ribbon /w menu driven HUD Control ( x11 textures)
Copy & Mod perms -> you can tint locks in the hair or just personalize the headband and the ribbon.

Included Down Royal Fae Elf Ears (perfect fit with the hair, attachment point – right/left ear), /w menu driven HUD Control
( x12 Skin Shades: Doll, Pale, Tan, Sun, Bronze, Burn, Drow, Demon, Acqua, Fairy, Dead, BbDoll) >more Fae Ears here
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